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MRuiz Solutions
SAP BPC / BI Expert with more than 12 years of experience.
The projects that I have done are successful projects for large and international companies.
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Consulting, Support and Training

I am able to work in projects or develope them by myself, support you with your system or develop and deliver training courses


I have a large experience in Consultancy and I can help you with your projects

I have more than 12 years of experience on Consultancy. I have worked in big consultancy Companies, as PwC, implementing projects for important and international customers, as the spanish telecomunications company Telefónica or the german energy company E.ON. Now I work as Freelancer and I can help you with your projects.


With my Technical and Functional background, I can support you with the issues you have

I am a Computer Scientist and Engineer and I worked a lot of time in Consultancy with Financial projects, so I can support you with your issues and I can be the nexo between the functional needs of your key-users and the technical way to solve them.


I can develop and deliver training courses, where I also have experience, both in training courses for users and in training courses for consulting colleagues

During my years in Consultancy I developed a lot of trainings materials addapted for all levels to train functional and technical users and also to train consultany colleagues.

All you need with SAP BPC

After a long time working with SAP BPC, I can help you with all your needs about the tool with all versions, from the very first one, the 5.0, to the last one, the 11.0, including Embedded and Standard (or Classic) Models


Among other functionalities, we will use Business Rules, Script Logics, FOX Formulas or ABAP for some calculations, Analysis for Office or EPM Client for Input Forms and Reports, BPFs to bild the Workflow...


Among other functionalities, we will use Planning Functions (inlcuding FOX Formulas), ABAP for some calculations and Analysis for Office or EPM Client for Input Forms and Reports, BPFs to bild the Workflow...


In a Reporting project, after we set up the model, with the necessary dimensions and models, we can develop Reports using Analysis for Office or EPM Client, depending on the version of the tool we chose, Embedded or Standard.


I can check every developed task to improve the performance or to correct every functionality that is not working properly. I can help also with migrations. I have experience in migration between different versions of SAP BPC, from ather tools to SAP BPC or from SAP BPC to other tools.

In all project phases

I have experience working in all steps of a project, that means, from the preparation and planning until the go-live and support


Requirements, Planning, Kick-off, first meetings with key-users. Getting all information needed to have clear and detailed all following steps


Definition of the solution to implement. Detailed idea of what has to be developed, including Naming convention and the Objects should be created. Everything included in the Technical Design document


It includes the development of the solution into the chosen tool. In the case of SAP BPC, set up of dimensions and models, input forms and reports in Analysis for Office or EPM Client, programming of Script Logics, FOX Formulas or VBA for Applications, Planning Functions, Businmess Rules, BPFs, etc.


One of the most important steps is the Testing, in a first moment the best is to do development tests to check that every task is working properly, and after that it is a very good option to involve the key-users in the functional testing

Training & Support

When the project is about a new system or a migration to a new version of the tool, the users needs a pratical and deep training about the solution. After that, there is a period of time where we should support the users with the normal and real use of the tool

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